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Learning to See Culture

Want or need to communicate between cultures?


Ready for some explanations in comfortable everyday language that will help make that process easier for you? That's what this course does for you.


We're sharing 12 ways you can consider behavioral preferences to assist you with more effective approaches to your communications.

Enjoy more of your travel experience with better understanding of local ways. Improve communication with your international spouse or family. Connect with your neighbors in better ways. Be more effective at work and with clients. 

Communicating is a human trait we all share. Doing it better will help you everywhere.

This collection of short videos aims to help you identify words or behaviors that can be clues on preferred way of interacting, since we can't see a person's thoughts. And you get some short texts and questions with each video to help you consolidate the information.


Sure, we can talk about individualism and collectivism, but what does that look like in normal every day action? What does that sound like in words? And how can we use that information in our day-to-day?

Let's talk about it! Click on the button below to enroll.


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Learn twelve ways to better understand yourself and relate to others.

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